Making fun/Having fun

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, anthropologists tend to be a funny bunch, even if sometimes we’re the only ones laughing at our jokes. 

To give you a sense of some of that humour, here are my top 3 curated memes that make me laugh.

Anthropology Major Fox on Tumblr

As I mentioned in a previous posts, ethnography is a hallmark of anthropological research. It normally involves in-depth, long-term study within a research “field-site”. Because anthropologists observe and participate, we either blend into the action, or stand out like a sore thumb.

Anthropology Major Fox: Field sites come in many forms

Anthropologists can do field work almost anywhere. Social media, sure… in a remote community, no problem… with government officials and policy makers, yes! Anthropologists go where the action is and there are unusual and interesting events and practices happening everywhere.

Anthropology Major Fox: Cultural Significance

This is funny to me because it’s so true. We’re always trying to consider the broader, deeper, vaster significance of what we find in the world. This sense of curiosity is deeply rewarding and patently frustrating when you realize there is so much that you don’t understand.

Do these memes seem funny to you, or do I just have a weird sense of humour? Let me know on Twitter.

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