About Me

I was an anthropologist before I knew it was a profession. I found in anthropology the potential to think critically, worldly/other-wordly, be experimental and cultivate a genuine curiosity for the world–in all its glory and hardship. Throughout my studies, I benefited from the mentorship of many talented professors who have enabled me to tune my curiosity into the workings of power, politics and the potential for hope throughout the travails of earning a PhD in Anthropology.

What I share here is the product of my curiosity. What I share does not represent the agency I am affiliated with nor does it necessarily reflect my life there. What “living the agency life” has alerted me to is the workings of all sorts of power relationships that may be unremarkable and subtle and thus remain unremarked. Using the inspiration I find from agency life I hope to unravel some of the seeming norms of contemporary work, unpack new managerialism and its tendency towards neo-liberalism, and create a spark for ongoing discussions about the intersection of work, life and their relationship to broader social trends.

Come with me as I explore these issues. You can also find me on Twitter: @agencyanthro

Blog Policy and Guidelines

What I share here is a product of my curiosity. My views and interests are my own.

I encourage you to leave comments or engage with me on Twitter or elsewhere. Please note that I will not approve or engage with “trolling” comments or feedback. This blog is a space for enrichment and exploration.

There are affiliate links on this site. Their purpose is to some day offset the costs of hosting and design. They do genuinely reflect my interests.