Top Anthropology Podcasts

Anthropology is a storytelling discipline. As such, it seems to lend itself to podcasting. Check out some of these great podcasts if you’re looking for something new and interesting!

  1. The BBC has run multiple series on anthropological topics. In one of their recent series Farah Jarral explores the history of the discipline. Check it out hereShiny-Headphones
  2. The School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at University of Oxford has a wide range of fascinating topics to explore. Find them here.
  3. The journal Cultural Anthropology has a series of podcasts from some of the most contemporary anthropologists and theoretical approaches. You can listen here.
  4. The Anthropological Life Podcast has a wide range of really interesting topics. Find it here.
  5. Anthropology Now features a few select podcasts, including one from Emily Martin. Learn more here.
  6. From “Stuff Mom Never Told You” there is a interesting episode on Feminist Anthropology. Take a listen.
  7. The (Formerly) Anonymous Anthropologist discusses a variety of current issues, with a special focus on gender and identity. Get started.

What great podcasts have I missed? Let me know here or on Twitter.

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