A New Direction: The Real Life Of An Agency Anthropologist

When I started this blog I wanted to find a way to parse anthropological understanding with agency life. I wanted to share insights into the way that agency life inspires and challenges anthropological thinking. That mission isn’t dead. But, what is it like to work in an agency?

I think there’s another story to tell here beyond what concepts resonate or what insights can be gleaned. Anthropologists, often at our heart, are story tellers. We wrap stories in theory, use them to unpack concepts, situate our observations and often ourselves through story. One of my favourite authors, Canadian author Thomas King suggests that the truth about stories is that is all we are. We are the stories we tell: about ourselves, about how we got here, about where we’re going.

So, I’m going to be sharing some of the stories, both that have come to pass, and those that are unfolding, in an effort to provide an ongoing account of what it’s been like to be an agency anthropologist.

Stay tuned.

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